Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

Yeah! It's another Monday! Look how McMamma's Not Me Monday has improved my Monday Attitude! You should definately join here!

Let's get this straight my bloggy friends...I am ALWAYS punctual! That is what I am known for! They call me "Just on-time Julie"...NOT ")

I had a delightful day @ work on Saturday, but it was NOT my clock that failed to wake me @ 5:30! Firehubby did not tap me on the shoulder at 6:20 and ask, "Are you going to work?"

I hopped out of bed, quickly bathed, brushed my hair and teeth. But, I did NOT race off to work without make-up on. My patient's deserve better than that, their nurse should look picture perfect!

As I tucked myself into bed on Saturday night, preparing to get up again on Sunday, I did not double, triple, quadruple check that darn clock! I couldn't figure out why it did not go off, then I set it again for morning.

My subsconscious mind did NOT have confidence in the clock that night, so it woke me each hour to make sure I was not oversleeping. THANKS ALOT brain!!!

I was such a restless sleeper, I felt like this guy:

On Sunday, before work, I did NOT take a couple of minutes to say "Hi" to y'all in bloggy land instead of putting on my make-up again. My lovely laboring patient did NOT take five minutes between contractions to make herself look so pretty.

She looked so very lovely...her nurse, NOT so much.

That same cute patient did NOT embroider on the bottom of her sock "It's a boy" and "Catch doctor!". NO, when I put her feet up, those words did NOT peak out above the foot petals! HA!

I really like my patient yesterday!!! Pretty and funny.

By the way, it was a BOY. A sweet, darling, little bundle of joy, boy! Gonna say it again...I love my job!

ON A SERIOUS NOTE: Please pray for baby Stellan, McMamma's boy. He was taken to the hospital this morning with a serious heart problem.
As I went to link up this morning, I found that he is very, very sick right now.


April said...

Great post, Julie! I will most definitely remember that sweet boy in my prayers. I just learned about his condition on another blog.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

A little boy and what a cute thing do to do for delivery. Love it. Love little boys.

Be sure and stop by my blog. I am giving my VERY first GIVEAWAY...and it is a good one. It's value is 100.00....I own a gift basket business, so I want to start blessing people on a regular basis. I have found that is my favorite thing to do.

Happy Monday

Anonymous said...

I would not leave the house without my makeup either! I don't know how many times the alarm thing has happened to me! These are great not me's Happy Monday!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

You should have asked her if you could have a picture of the socks. Thanks for praying... =)

Kameron said...

Kudos to her for applying makeup between contractions. I don't recall there being a between time for me! I like her idea for the socks and might have to try that next time!

Orah said...

I think it's just nice that she wore socks altogether... ;)

Anonymous said...

I want you for my nurse! Except I'm not having any more babies so I can't but you'd be the best!

Helene said...

Your patients are so lucky to have you for their nurse!!!! When my alarm doesn't go off, I can't sleep the next night either, out of fear that it'll happen again!!

Beth E. said...

I'm definitely praying for Stellan...I keep checking and checking for updates, hoping she'll post one soon. I'm very, very concerned.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

The socks was a great idea!!! And as for that alarm should try this website called can set any time and the phone will ring to wake you well in the nursing/dr circle ;)and it is FREE!

jennykate77 said...

I'll be praying for Baby Stellan.

Great NM's!

Happy Monday!

Rachel said...

Love the socks! And I tried to look good during delivery... but no amount of makeup is gonna help 20 pounds of preclampsia water gain :P Wouldn't trade a minute of it anyway.

So glad you had a good day at work!

Yes, we're praying for Baby Stellan too!

mrosev14 said...

I'm sorry you had such a tough time getting up on Saturday morning. Your Sunday patient sounded really funny! I love the socks. Your patients don't mind you taking the pictures? Your charge nurse? said...

Hi everyone! I want to make it clear that no pictures here are of my actual patients.


He And Me + 3 said...

The darn alarm clock woke me up on Saturday when i could sleep in. Ugh.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Oh how I hated that feeling of having overslept. It always jump started my heart as I raced around madly! I never slept well the next night either and woke up repeatedly afraid I'd be late again!

Melissa said...

Oh Julie you really crack me up! I love the pictures you include...the doggy one is awesome! Have a great week at work.