Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bored Game Anyone?

My girl loves board games:

"Mom, want to play a board game?"

"No one will play a board game with me."

"Can I have a friend come and play a board game with me?"

A couple of days ago:

"Mom, can I get a board game to play when you go on your trip?"

"Sure," I said, "just write me a note..."

This is the note I found:

"Buy a new BORED game."

LOL! She seriously thought that was what the games were called.

Makes sense ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Boy

It's hard to believe that thirteen years ago I gave birth to you.

Here are thirteen things I adore about you...

1)You are very sweet to your momma

2)You are a boy of good character

3)You make yummy apple pancakes :)

4)You volunteer your time to help people without any hesitation

5)You are trustworthy

6)You are dependable

7)You are an awesome boy scout

8)You are a loyal friend

9)You are an amazing Lego builder :)

10)You draw awesome pictures

11)You are self confident

12)You love reading and devour books faster than I can imagine

13)You always ask when Dad is coming home from the fire station and greet him with a smile and a huge hug when he arrives

When you were tiny, I could never imagine what you would be like as a teenager.

Now that you are here...I am so excited.

You are growing into a fine young man!

Monday, May 17, 2010

If you know me... know that I really think that last video I posted was HILARIOUS!

I was just trying to see if you would think I was talking about the little girls Single Lady dance video (hello, where were the parents on that one?) and then open the post to find that cute dancing baby!

Anyway, scroll down for a laugh :)

Single Ladies...outrageous...scantily old is this kid?

Oh my goodness...this is just hilarious! :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crazy about her...

I'm crazy about my girl...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where is Your Mother?

I sat in my garage organizing some junk last weekend, when something unusual caught my eye. A little guy, maybe about 4 years old, with a big dog was walking on the other side of the street. Not having my glasses nearby, I couldn’t quite make out who the boy was.

What the heck are those parents thinking?

Letting a preschooler walk a huge German Sheppard alone?

And right in front of the Houdini pit bull’s house across the street.

They’d better catch up to the little guy!

How stupid and dangerous.

Then, my thoughts drifted back to my project.

About 5 to 10 minutes later I heard someone shouting from the end of the street. It was a teenaged girl, and she was chasing after the little boy who had passed me with the dog earlier.

She slowed at my driveway and asked if the boy was mine. I told her he wasn’t.

“Well, I found him around the corner sliding down a dirt hill. He doesn’t have anything but a shirt on,” she said breathlessly, “When I came near to him he started running.”

We both looked down the street and the kid was now running full speed in the middle of the road.

Immediately, I started racing after him.

I was running quickly, but the little guy was outpacing me. He was approaching a very dangerous intersection in the road and I my adrenaline surged.

Kicking off my slip-ons, my body went into a full sprint. Only with this full out run was I able to catch up to the boy.

I grabbed his shoulder, and he stopped, turning his face to me.

Oh my gosh, he was just a toddler! (Yes, I should wear my glasses more often!)

Immediately, I lifted him to my hip and turned toward home. The teenager was heading my way, as well as my next-door neighbor. We were all stunned by the situation and began looking around for the adult responsible for him.

When I got to my house, I dialed 911. It had been at least 10-15 minutes since I had noticed the boy walk by with the dog.

Some mother must be frantic looking for her baby!

“What’s your name?” I asked the little guy.

He just jabbered. He did not even talk yet.

I gave the 911 operator a full description of him and then stood in my drive waiting for someone to run by, or drive by, looking for him. I comforted the boy and my little girl brought him a stuffed animal to hold.

We stood out front and I waited…

And waited…

And waited…

It was now at least 25 minutes since the boy had come to my attention and no one was on our street looking for him.

My neighbor hopped in his car to go see if there was someone looking around for the baby on other streets.

After a few minutes, he found a family in their front yard and stopped. He asked if they were missing a kid. They were not.

Two little boys were nearby on their scooters and called out. “What does he look like? Maybe it’s our brother.”

They followed my neighbor around the corner to my house.

“Yep, that’s my baby brother,” the boy, who looked around 8, said.

He reached out to take the boy…

“I need you to go get your mother, “ I said

The boy headed down the street and went into a house nearby that was recently rented out.

He came back a few minutes later…without his mother.

“Go get you mother.” I said nicely, but firmly.

He left again and returned a few minutes later…without his mom.

Then, I saw the disheveled woman walking casually towards my house.

“Oh, thank you.” She said, sounding groggy, as she took the toddler into her arms. Her apparent lack of maternal instinct struck me.

It had been 35-40 minutes and she had not noticed her child missing.

I know that these things rarely happen, a toddler escaping, but I would expect a more rapid response and a pretty freaked out parent when they realized what was going on!

The police car arrived about 10 minutes later and took a report.

I found out later that another neighbor had found the boy out alone, half a block from his home, days before.

It’s been hard letting this go. I have seen neglected and abused children in the hospital, but of course it never gets any easier to see.

It is unthinkable to me, that children, so precious and vulnerable, are not protected by their caregivers.

It is a harsh reality of this world and it hit close to home last weekend.

(The picture at the top is not of the little boy in my neighborhood)

I’m joining Rachel and Mr. Daddy today for their True Story Tuesday. There are so many interesting stories shared on their blog. Head over and take a look.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I woke up to a smiling little girl holding a balloon and an orchid and my wonderful man holding my favorite food

~ a box of donuts!
(I NEVER buy them...too dangerous!)

What a wonderful morning :)

The almost-teenage-boy woke a bit later and was so very sweet.

Soon we will go for a hike.

Yep, that's what I want to do today.

I had the funniest memory of a Mother's Day morning about 4 years ago...

Firehubby was at work that morning and

I heard the hands of a 7 and 8 year old busily at work in the kitchen.

They were not allowed to use the stove, of course, so I was picturing some delicious toast.

Soon, I hear happy voices and clanking of dishes coming up the stairs...

Breakfast in bed was on the way!

I pretended I was still asleep.

"Mommy, wake up!"

"Happy Mother's Day!"

There they were, with two of the cutest smiling faces, holding a tray out to me.

"We made breakfast-in-bed for you!"

So darling.

I sit up and they place the breakfast on my lap.

Hmmmm, what is that? I asked myself.

It was a VERY special recipe that they had just made up!

Here it is:

Start with a cup of:

Mix in:
Stir in: (cheddar cheese cubes)


They were so proud of their "cooking".

I smiled a big smile as I took my first bite.

"mmmmm, so yummy!"


Oh, the delight in their eyes was so sweet.

They sat on the bed, watching me chew each bite.

"Mmmmmm, this is just so tasty."

I finished every last (ewwww) bite.

"You want so more Mommy?!"

"No thanks. I am sooooo full"

Too cute :)

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mom's out there.

I am remembering all of you mothers who, sadly, only hold your babies

in your hearts and memories, and not in your arms today.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

see you soon...

HUGE school project with my girl in progress...

I'll see you when it's done :)