Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day is Not for Everyone...

Firehubby and I went to the most fabulous bed and breakfast many years ago. We wanted to avoid the Valentine's Day rush, so we went a bit early.

We realized that it was Ground Hog Day and that's how our crazy tradition was born.


I have to admit (shock!) I made up that whole

"Ground Hog Day is for Lovers" thing.

But I think it's catchy :)

(and it's much easier to get dinner reservations)

Wishing a Happy Valentine's Day to all of you "traditional" folks ;)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hunky Firefighter Giveaway

No, I am not giving away my hunky firefighter hubby...

But, if you head over to his blog:

The Damage is Done

you just may win his giveaway.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

helllllloooooo...anybody out there?

Hello my long lost bloggy friends (wait...I guess I was the one who was lost ;)

I had become a blog reader...but not a blog writer for quite a while.

Life is good. I am now working full-time and am trying to come up with a balance with all of my activities.

I am not complaining! That is for certain. I see so many of my friends and family who are struggling to make ends meet.

Thankful that I am working as well as Firehubby. Not taking it for granted!

The kiddos are pretty good.

We have been running them around to their many activities. I am so happy to put the miles on the car in order to keep them focused on a positive path! They are 12 and 13, coming into those vulnerable years.

Firehubby had his blog taken over by some drug ad... here is his new blog "The Damage is Done":

Oh, and last but not least...we were thrilled to announce that we celebrated our 17th Groundhog's day together.

As the saying goes..."Groundhog's Day is for Lovers".

My sweetheart spoiled me with a box of my favorite candies...yummy chocolate covered cherries.

How did you celebrate?