Sunday, September 26, 2010

Texting...It Keeps Our Family Close

I really never thought that I would like texting.

I thought that it would be a negative for my kids.

I worried that it would isolate our kids from us...

fingers to buttons and nose to screens?


Texting is wonderful for our family!

It draws us closer when we have to be apart.

I use to refuse to text because it was a hassle with my old phone.

Now I have my QWERTY keyboard with buttons.

Love it!

Firehubby and I text and touch base at times during the day when he's at work...

We send love notes:

"Miss us so much babe, luv u"



Parent together:

"Do you want to take her 2 swim tomorrow or shall I?"

"Is (insert video game name) appropriate for him?"

"He wore his new Vans to camp!!! #$@%"

We also text to keep in touch with the kids...

My boy:

"David's dad driving me, will be @ house soon"

"Can I walk the dog with Hannah?"

"Hey mom"

My girl:

"I forgot my gym shoes...will you bring them?"

"Luv you mom"

"I need to stay over for band today"

We do keep the kids texting under control with a little white lie...

We have unlimited texting for the entire family, because it is the best deal.

But, we tell our girl that she is only allowed 15 texts a day (sending and receiving)

And we tell our boy that he has 30 a day

We'll keep it up as long as we can! LOL!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Want to Keep my,

Recently, my employer made an announcement.

"No staff member shall tweet, facebook, blog, or any other form of social networking, about patients. This is a violation of HIPAA and you could face discipline or termination."

We were told that even if we thought we were changing detail sufficiently, the medical center would assume we were not.

So, sadly, my days of posting Stories from the Delivery Room are over.

I have taken my posts down.

It has been a pleasure sharing my adventures with you.

My writing on being a firewife and mom shall continue.

(By the way, life has gotten in the way of blogging. As always, I have missed you.)