Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crazy About my Fire Hubby

(There he is, my brave Fire Hubby, on top of the engine)

These past 2 weeks have taken a toll on my Fire Hubby. I want to take a moment to encourage him and to share with you some of the reasons I love him...

Here are some of the qualities that make my man special:

  • He is a Believer
  • He is a devoted husband and father
    • His family comes first!
  • He is a loyal brother
    • Last week his oldest brother passed away and he sat vigil with him to the end, holding Gary's hand as he went to his Maker.
  • He is a man of service
    • Fire hubby used to be a professional writer. He left his career as a publicist in Hollywood so he could "do something that mattered, something to really help and serve people".
  • He is so very intelligent
    • He probably is one of only a handful of firefighters who have their Master's degree in English.
    • He does not just simply blog, he often writes essays for his posts.
    • Check out his blog Switch2PlanB
  • He is a gifted musician
    • Guitar playing is his passion.
    • He loves to use this gift to worship the Lord.
  • He is CUTE ")
I am so proud of my Fire Hubby!

*Love you, sweetie ;)


Becca said...

what a wonderful tribute to your husband.

that picture is amazing!

Elaine said...

What a sweet post. Did not know about the publisist thing...

Sandy Toes said...

Consider yourself VERY blessed!
-sandy toe

Darcy @ lwm3b said...

Found your blog from Becca's.

I'm the mom of a 28 weeker, so when I read your profile I had to come say hi.

Your field is a tough one. I'm glad there is someone there in it, but also very glad it's not me. You girls (and guys!) have a tenacity not possessed by everyone.

brian said...

You're so sweet...I hardly recognize me in all those superlatives! :)

Morgan said...

It sounds like you have a great husband :)
My hubby saves lives too- it's a stressfull job, but it's a rewarding one.

By the way- the picture of your daughter with her face painted is beautifull! Where did she get that done at?