Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday. A blog carnival from MckMama @ my charming kids!
It's alot of fun, hop on over to her site and post your own!

First off, let me just say that after reading your comments on my use of the paper clamp to fix my hem, I did NOT use this

as a “temporary” fix. This did NOT buy me more time to get my butt and my beloved pants to the tailor!

And let me tell you, I did NOT have about 4 hours of insomnia the other night. If I did I would NOT have make things worse by laying in bed thinking of good nursing stories to share with you. Counting sheep may have been more relaxing!

Ok, before you go, you know how I said I was a “natural tooth fairy”…

Well, you be the judge…

My precious little children are not paid in ½ American coins and ½

foreign coins.

The children’s tooth fairy does not do this so they cannot compare their loot to their friends.

Cheap? Not Me! (I mean Not their Tooth Fairy!)

Okay, do NOT think less of me, but…

Once upon a time this tooth fairy did NOT fall asleep while waiting for the little cherub to fall asleep. I was NOT awakened in the morning by a sad little face at my bedside …oh no! what to say to this poor little kidling? what to say?…

I did NOT say…

“Oh sweetie, the tooth fairy did not forget you, no, it must be that special time of year, yep, it must be the… the… TOOTH FAIRY CONVENTION”

(Slight relief crosses child’s face…)

“Yes, sweetie, once a year the tooth fairies have a big convention and when that happens the tooth fairy comes the next night… and guess what?! … The tooth fairy pays double when they do come! Yeah!”

(Big smile on little darling’s face.)

Whew… wipe brow…dodged that bullet!

After that, I did not start doing a special little tooth fairy trick…

This tooth fairy does not go in for the good nights kiss and slip her hand under the pillow, grab the little tooth and then slip the coins under in return. No, not while my childen are awake!

No, that would be too risky! Not me, it would have crushed the wee ones to find out MOMMY was the tooth fairy! Not ME!

I am so excited to be off to see what you did NOT do again this week on “Not Me Monday”!


Jessica D. said...

Not me I've never forgot to remind the toothfairy to come. Hee Hee! One morning Autumn came out of her room and with a sad face told me that the TF didn't come. She was so disappointed. I told her how sorry I was and that she was probably to busy. I told her to go in and go potty. While she was doing this I ran in her room and put the money way way way down into her pillow :) I ran and sat back on the couch. When so can back into the living-room I asked her if she checked way down at the end of her pillow. Maybe it slid down into the corner? Hee, hee. She ran in her room and came out with a huge smile:) That was a close one!!

Mighty M said...

Love the tooth fairy convention! I might have to save that one for future use. I also love your ingenious way of swapping out while they are still awake - but what if they were to check after you said goodnight? :-) I never lay awake in bed thinking about blog posts either!

Kameron said...

That's hillarious!! I dread when my son looses teeth. He is such a light sleeper I will probably wake him up trying to put the money under his pillow!!

Orah said...

Good save with the tooth fairy

jennykate77 said... what, I mean the tooth fairy did NOT do.

Great NMs!

Hannah said...

The tooth fairy was the one mythical create my parents actually instituted into our family. And when my brother grew a rat tail, the hair fairy was invented. :)

E said...

Our tooth fairy is definitely slower than yours - at least sometimes! She has been known to show up after like 4 or 5 days and then leave some pathetic note about being alllll the way on the other side of the earth, tiny wings fly slowly back, blah, blah, blah. Ha ha ha!

Great Not Me's!

Paige said...

Oh you are a hoot! Our tooth fairy blames a lack of coins under the pillow on the kids' poor eye sight, for when they return after breakfast they finally find the loot!

That was quick thinking with the whole convention thing. Love it!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love your posts. This has become one of my must read blogs. I have just started blogging, but have been a lurker for several years.

Come by and visit when you have time. I have a lot to learn.


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

They have this glue stuff that fixes hems. Check at the fabric store!

Our tooth fairy sleep through her job once too! But really Sassy just didn't look hard enough!

What happens when somebody losses a tooth at bedtime & the Tooth Fairy or Mr. TF doesn't have change for a $10!!!

Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

Phew- glad I'm not the only one who has fallen asleep before "tooth fairy duty". Love the 1/2 American and 1/2 foreign coins! My kids would think they struck the jackpot!!
In Him,

Melissa said...

Thanks for the tip! I think! I have maybe a year before I have to become the tooth fairy! SHH! Did I say that!?

Beth E. said...

So glad to know that you used the duct's my favorite fix for torn hems. They even make it in different colors to match your clothing! ;o)