Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Waiting on Death...

Today my husband sits at the bedside of his dying brother, Gary.

Yesterday, Gary's breathing became irregular and it seemed that death was near. A morphine drip is keeping him comfortable and he is not able to eat or drink. Thankfully, he is in the comfort of his home.

It is so hard to say goodbye to this amazing man. As an anesthesiologist Gary has touched the lives of many. His gentle smile and kind words soothed countless anxious persons as they faced surgery. He brought his skills to Haiti each year to the poor and needy. He humbly served his Savior in all that he did.

Gary is an incredible husband to Mitzi and a loving father to young teens, Joe and Andy, and college aged Michael and Jessica. Although unable to speak over the last few months, his loving eyes and sweet smile have spoken his love to their hearts.

One year ago today we were romping and playing in the snow with Gary and his family in McCall, Idaho. We knew that Gary's brain tumor was inoperable, but it was thought that it was a slow moving tumor that would be controlled well by medication. We believed we would have years to continue our relationship with Gary here on earth.

I have cared for many dying people. As with birth, the timing of the dying process is hard to predict. Only our Lord knows the day and time of Gary's death. Until then, Gary is surrounded by his loving family, being soothed and comforted just as he has done for so many.


Elaine said...

Julie,there are no words to express my deepest thoughts for your family right now. Praying that you all find comfort,please know that I am here for you.

BluRayn said...

Oh Julie, my heart aches for you and your family! You are in my thoughts and prayers!!

blessedmomto7 said...

Gary sounds like he was truly one of God's favorites. What a tragedy for your family & for the world it sounds like.

Beth said...

Please know our thoughts and prayers are with and your family. I'm so glad you have this blog! God's peace to you all in this difficult time.
-Cousin Beth from the frozen tundra