Friday, April 10, 2009

The secret to the cupcakes...

Cupcakes! Owl Cupcakes! All kinds of fun cupcakes!

The name of the book is Hello Cupcake!

We love this book!

My daughter got it from the Scholastic Book Fair at school and we love it.

They were actually easier than they looked.

2 ten year olds did a pretty wonderful job with the recipe.

Here are some basic decorating elements to the owls:

Mom Owl

Regular sized cupcake
White of the eyes-oreo cookie~the side with the frosting left on it.

Darks of the eyes-Junior mints

Ears-the other side of the oreo cut into 2 pieces with a serrated knife-frosting piped onto them for feathers

Nose-yellow Mike and Ike

Baby Owl

Mini cupcakes

Mini Oreos

Mini M&M for dark of eyes

Runt for nose

Frosting tip:

Put the frosting in a ziplock and snip 1/8 inch from the tip.

Spring break has been tons of fun!

I am now going to settle in and enjoy your latest posts ")

Happy Easter everyone!


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

I need that book. We make cupcakes all the time.

Miranda @ Traveling Treasures said...

I will definitely be looking for that book! Those cupcakes are very creative.
Happy Easter to you!

Anonymous said...

I think I would really love that book! Thank you!

Maggie said...

Oh wow, those look Wonnnnnnderful!! =)

Mighty M said...

Happy Easter to you too - those cupcakes look pretty darn good. And they look like they have extra frosting, so that is even better! ;-) I might have a hard time eating puppies though. Since frosting is involved, I could get over the fear. The owls looked great as well!

April said...

I love those cupcakes...they're the cutest! Glad to hear you had a good Spring Break...we did, too! Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter!

brian said...

Did I scare off all your readers?

Sandy Toes said...

That book looks wonderful!
sandy toe

Jessica D. said...

I love that book! I seen it several times and look through the whole thing everytime I pass it!! It looks so hard to me but I'm not a baker:(

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I almost got that one. Guess I should have. Instead I got Silly Snacks & the one with the silicone cupcake holders.

He And Me + 3 said...

I am totally gonna have to find that book. I loved those cute.

Rebekah said...

cute cupcakes...Wishing you and your family an awesome Easter...

Orah said...

I am not sure I could ever even ATTEMPT to make those adorable cupcakes. Happy holidays.