Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Week of Gratitude

There is nothing like counting your blessings to brighten your mood. It's my new therapy ")

Each day, I am taking the time to be grateful for all that the Lord has given me...these are the blessings of my last week-

Sun. Jan. 18-Thankful for a day of doing nothing ")

Mon. Jan 19-For the first time met w/ the Neonatologists to present a patient for Perinatal Bereavement. They were very receptive.

Tues. Jan 20- Leandra (my Perinatal Bereavement partner-NICU specialist) and I are compiling all of the supplies for NICU and our birth center. It is awesome that we have the same vision for our program!

Wed. Jan 21- I had the help of at least 15 volunteers in my Children's room at Project Food. Wow, the clothing and books are getting so organized!

Thurs. Jan 22- Thankful that I got someone to cover my shift today! Hubby and I were both scheduled to work.

Fri. Jan 23 -So thankful my little Princess is feeling better after a stomach bug.

Sat. Jan 24 Handsome husband and I got to enjoy a date - dinner and a movie!

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kayellen said...

First time to visit..saw your blog on face book.
Nice to meet you;0)
Enjoyed your last 3 blog entries...

Kay Ellen Hammar