Monday, July 5, 2010

The Gift of Life-the Love of a Sister/New Mother

Meet Brook.

She is winning the fight against Leukemia.

You may know Elaine at Matter's of the Heart...she is Brook's lovely sister.

Meet Rachel.

She's also Brook's sister.

Just after Rachel delivered her baby she found out that she was a perfect bone marrow match for Brook.

Without a second thought, Rachel prepared to donate her marrow, Brooks only chance for living.

But, Rachel was faced with a dilemma.

She could choose to go through a procedure where she could take medication and then have blood taken to extract the marrow. The problem with this choice was she could not nurse her precious baby for a period of time.

The other option was to undergo a painful operation to have her marrow extracted. This would allow her to have minimal interruption to her nursing.

Rachel made the sacrifice of her own comfort and did what was best for her sister AND her baby.

She went through the surgery.

In my eyes Rachel is a true hero.

This brings me to today.

I have the opportunity to do something special for Rachel.

You see, she is getting married soon.

With the economy being so bad, planning a wedding is tough.

Well, Elaine found this awesome opportunity for Rachel…an opportunity to win the wedding (plus a honeymoon!) of her dreams through a local radio station.

The catch…she needs people to vote for her online.

So, I’m in!

I am eager to help this sweetheart :)

I can vote each day to help her.

Easy peasy!

If you want to help, you will need to confirm your email, that confirmation will probably go to your spam box.

Once registered you can come back and vote for her once a day until the July 16th.

If she makes it into the top 10, then the voting will begin again, with the winner announced July 23rd with a week to plan the wedding.

Here is the link:


(p.s. It is great to be back!)


Shana said...

So very sweet. I voted =0) Great comeback by the way!

Kat said...

Very nice story :) I voted!

Just Breathe said...

Wha beautiful story. I will go over to vote and keep reminding us!

RN Mama said...

What an amazing story! I hope she wins!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a beautiful and inspiring story...... I am so happy to see she made it to the top ten. Heading over to vote now.....praying she wins!!